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Our Founding Fathers wisely included bankruptcy protections in the United States Constitution. These protections can allow productive members of society the opportunity to liquidate their debts in order to preserve their ability to continue as a productive member of society and their community. If you or your spouse earn a living and your debts threaten your ability to live a productive life, bankruptcy may offer the protection you need to continue. Read more about Bankruptcy…

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Bradenton FL Bankruptcy Attorney Christopher Hittel helps potential clients explore all options, including bankruptcy, when clients are overwhelmed by debt. He only recommends bankruptcy if he truly believes it is the best choice for your case. Sometimes, debt settlement negotiations with creditors or other alternatives may be a better option. Read more about Attorney Hittel…


Foreclosure is a legal remedy that is available to lenders when a borrower has defaulted on a loan that is secured by a mortgage. In Florida, the lender can attempt to settle with the borrower through a forbearance, reinstatement, modification, short sale or deed in lieu. If the lender is unable to settle or wishes not to settle, it usually will file a foreclosure suit against the owners, borrowers and other persons who have or may have an interest in the property. Read more about Foreclosure…

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