Do You Qualify for Bankruptcy?

Our Founding Fathers wisely included bankruptcy protections in the United States Constitution. These protections can allow productive members of society the opportunity to liquidate their debts in order to preserve their ability to continue as a productive member of society and their community. If you or your spouse earn a living and your debts threaten your ability to live a productive life, bankruptcy may offer the protection you need to continue.

Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer Answers Your Questions

Bradenton FL Bankruptcy Attorney Christopher Hittel helps potential clients explore all options, including bankruptcy, when clients are overwhelmed by debt. He only recommends bankruptcy if he truly believes it is the best choice for your case. Sometimes, debt settlement negotiations with creditors or other alternatives may be a better option.

File for Bankruptcy – or not?

Whether to file bankruptcy or not, is a legal and financial decision to an economic problem. Your decision can only be based on factors such as amount of debt, income, and monthly cash flow. If there is insufficient “disposable income” at the end of each month to make a meaningful debt payment, bankruptcy must be given serious consideration. Your decision should be made with an attorney at your side who that has shown you options as well as consequences.

The number of applicants filing for bankruptcy in US has drastically increased over the last 7 years. Many high-achieving people have experienced ups and downs leading to bankruptcy before they were better informed about how to strengthen the financial base in their lives. Bradenton FL Bankruptcy Attorney Christopher Hittel can help you effectively manage your personal bankruptcy and has the experience that can lead to an improved financial future.