Why Hire An Attorney?

  • Hiring an attorney will ensure a rapid filing, so that you can experience debt relief sooner rather than later
  • It will ensure that all the details of the lengthy bankruptcy documentation requirements are accurate, as concise as possible, and complete
  • An attorney will help you “dot your i’s and cross your t’s,” which will help you to avoid potentially costly pitfalls in the filing process, including timing issues
  • You will get in-depth knowledge of financial matters and all applicable law from our experienced bankruptcy attorneys
  • You will have a knowledgeable person represent your best interests and help obtain a discharge and reach a successful fresh start

A successful discharge in bankruptcy requires an in-depth understanding of the Bankruptcy Code and state law to protect your income and assets.  Filing for bankruptcy does not take as long as other litigation procedures and usually offers the most relief compared to the alternatives to bankruptcy. This is especially true when you have an experienced bankruptcy attorney assisting you with the planning, documentation, and preparation. The sooner you meet with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, the sooner your relief begins.  Start your way to debt relief today!

You can rely on the knowledge provided by Attorney Christopher Hittel, who has been an attorney lawyer since 2004. Call him today at (941) 746-7777, or email him. He offers free pre-bankruptcy consultations and will answer your questions.