Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

Bankruptcy Can Help with Foreclosure

Foreclosure Defense Attorney Christopher Hittel understands how important it is for you to keep your home and other assets.  Bankruptcy can offer resources to help you proceed successfully in your goal to keep your home. We recognize that receiving notice of foreclosure is frightening; however there are options to help you stop, delay, or avoid a foreclosure. Depending if you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, bankruptcy can offer relief including the elimination mortgage debt, elimination of deficiency judgments, elimination of costly tax liability, creation of plans to avoid foreclosure, increase of your bargaining power in a loan modification, ability to strip off junior mortgages not secured by any equity, catch up on arranges, and/or ultimately save your home.

For immediate and emergency relief, once your bankruptcy petition is filed the automatic stay will legally postpone foreclosure proceedings while the bankruptcy is pending.  the automatic stay will be in effect until case dismissal, discharge, or approval of the court through a motion to modify the automatic stay.  A lender’s successful modification of the stay, after any and all objections, gives the lender permission to proceed with the foreclosure action, judicially or non-judicially.

You can still take action even if creditors have sent you a foreclosure notice or if you have a looming date of sale.  Hiring a foreclosure defense attorney in the foreclosure and/or bankruptcy process as soon as possible can help you to retain rights to programs, options available to homeowners at risk, and benefits of bankruptcy relief.  Success in maintaining your home can still be a realistic goal for you.  Contact a knowledgeable foreclosure attorney to help you find a path to maintaining your home.  Foreclosure Defense Attorney Christopher Hittel can help you take action to protect your home against foreclosure. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss the ways in which you can protect your property. We appreciate that your schedule is busy, and we will do our best to accommodate your meeting time preference.

We Can Help

Foreclosure Defense Attorney Christopher Hittel has significant experience with avoiding bankruptcy and foreclosure. He has successfully represented clients in Foreclosure cases throughout the state of Florida and surrounding areas. Contact Christopher Hittel for a free initial consultation to get answers to your questions about the foreclosure process. Call him today at (941) 746-7777, or via email.