How to File for Bankruptcy

Determine which type of Bankruptcy is best for you

Attorney Hittel can help you to determine which type of bankruptcy is best for your unique situation. Our free consultations allow you to start with the best legal advice we can offer to help guide you to your best choice. He wants you to make the most informed and educated decision on debt relief and feel confident in that decision.  Attorney Hittel will assist you in finding the best possible bankruptcy option.  Bradenton Attorney Christopher Hittel wants you to know that your best interest is his concern.  Give him a call today (941) 746-7777, or contact him online.

To determine the bankruptcy best tailored to your needs we assess your income, expenses, amount and type of debts you owe, and all your assets.  Attorney Hittel will advise and explain to you which chapter is best, advise on any potential issues, and how to effectively address these issues.  Please remember the input you offer about the factors leading to your claim is highly valuable to us and he makes a point of consideration in addition to every other detail.

Credit Counseling Session

After your initial consultation, he will show you how to schedule a phone appointment or online appointment for a credit counseling session, along with documentation requirements.  When you finish the credit counseling requirement, you will submit the completed paperwork needed to file your bankruptcy for review. Once we have all the necessary documentation and information, the timing is right, and you complete credit counseling, we are ready to prepare and file your petition.

Preparing the Petition

When you finish the credit counseling requirement, you will submit the information and paperwork needed to file your bankruptcy for review. Attorney Hittel prefers but does not require that you fill out the online questionnaire from your computer where he can answer any questions you have, via email. Completion of the information questionnaire online is faster than if our office needs to type in your information.

Upon completion of the online questionnaire, the information will be at Attorney Hittels fingertips; he may request (via email, or phone call) that you provide more information in answer to specific questions. This speeds the process.  Once we have all the necessary documentation and information, the timing is right, and you have emailed, faxed or hand-delivered all of the requested documents, we are ready to print the petition to Adobe PDF and/or to our printers for your mandatory pre-signing review, then sign all of the declarations, applications and disclosure statements, then we are ready to file your petition.

Filing your Petition, Section 341 hearing

Usually, within 30-45 days from filing your petition, you will have a Section 341 hearing to review your case with your case trustee.  If yours is a no-asset case and there are no other issues, the case trustee will issue its report, and after the bar date for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition, debts that qualify for release are permanently discharged from your personal liability.  Creditors cannot make any efforts to collect on those debts from you between the time you file and the time of the court’s decision, and thereafter.

Chapter 13: Repayment Plan

If the court has approved your petition for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan, you have a time frame of up to 60 months to pay monthly on your debts, and then debts that qualify for release are permanently discharged. If you are afraid of making that commitment, there is no reason to worry.

If you should have a change in circumstances during your chapter 13 such as loss of income, many times you may convert your Chapter 13 case to a Chapter 7 and receive a Chapter 7 discharge instead.  Attorney Christopher Hittel can help you investigate all options if you have difficulties with payments under that plan.

If you would like to speak with Attorney Christopher Hittel,  call him today at (941) 746-7777, or contact him online. He offers free consultations and will answer your questions.